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Tim Seewöster

Managing Director


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Vladimir Nikolikj

Director Balkan Region

Lyca Mobile

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Jonathan Miller

Chief Commercial Officer


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David Lundgren



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Kilian Kaminski



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Magda Milas

Fintech Expert

A1 Hrvatska

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Nektaria Efthymiou

Network Strategy Director

BT Group

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Our Research Highlights

Which innovations are driving mobile operators’ strategies for the future in Europe?

Dataxis has just hosted the first edition of Next Mobile Europe, welcoming 30 speakers from all around the European mobile industry. They provided in-depth insights into their commercial strategies, technical achievements, upcoming challenges and market innovations. So what are key insights that we could take from the successive panels of the event? Competition from new entrants: who will come to challenge mobile operators in the upcoming years? If Europe already counts more than 80 active groups operating mobile networks, across 185 national entities, the market isn’t likely to be less fragmented in the upcoming years as regular waves of new entrants are moving into this space. New actors offering mobile connectivity vary depending on their existing businesses and positioning strategies.

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Connected TVs: can Google replicate the takeover of mobile OS on the TV screen?

Despite the rising amount of devices available to watch video content, TV sets continue to draw the largest audiences in European homes. The devices are becoming even more strategic with the rise of CTV advertising opportunities, and the possibility to create substantial ad revenues through TV interfaces. In this context the battle taking place to control Smart TV platforms presents high strategic stakes for operating systems providers, often also selling their own TV devices. How are they spreading their OS through smaller brands? In parallel, the operating system fragmentation resulting from this competition has had strong consequences on the market over the years, but signs of consolidation around a handful of platforms start to appear. How far can the concentration go? Can a smartphone-like scenario, leaving only two or three running operating systems on TV sets occur in the future?

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